Today we took groups of key stage 3 students down to the school chapel to have their first experience of Lightfever, a chance to experience Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The students were led by Tom, our lead chaplain for the St Thomas Aquinas Multi Academy Trust but helped by some willing volunteers. Below are some of their thoughts on the experience.

“Today, during my RE lesson, I was allowed the incredible experience of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. As we entered, we were given a candle and a piece of paper. A reading was then read out which established and made clear of the fact that typically in prayer, we asked for things instead of praising God. Usually we want the best shoes or the courage to do well, however, this is wrong as these are selfish prayers. After that, we were asked to write on a piece of paper the name of someone who we wanted to pray for, whether they were struggling or just needed courage. After that, we were invited to place that small sheet of paper into the prayer basket. We then took our candles and lit them off the ones from the altar and placed them into the wooden cross. After taking our seats, Tom asked questions about the symbolism of the candle and how it represents Jesus. Some said, ‘Jesus is the light of the world’, others mentioned Pentecost. However, the true symbolism is that in order for a candle to give off light and to guide, it has to burn, thus sacrificing itself. This is like Jesus, he sacrificed himself to give us light and to guide us. At the end, we all joined together with our college prayer. After genuflecting at the altar we all left with reverence and respect. It was an incredible experience allowing us to have some peace and quiet away from the busy life of the school.”
Mariela , Year 8

When we walked into the Chapel, we genuflected to the Tabernacle to show our respect for Jesus and God.  Soon after, we sat down and listened to a passage by James which emphasised the importance of not praying for things we want, but instead for things we need and that although god doesn’t physically answer, he is still listening. When the passage was finished, we wrote down the thing we would like to pray for on a piece of paper and put it in the basket. Whilst this was happening, a short and calming song was being played in the background. After putting our prayers in the basket, we lit our candle and placed it in a wooden cross to symbolise us sending our prayers to God. To finish the adoration, we said the college prayer and then genuflected or bowed to show our respect.
Megan, Year 8