Year 7 Welcome Mass

On Friday 13th September we celebrated our Year 7 Welcome Mass which was led by Father Simon Giles. The mass was a chance for our families to see us starting our new school and to celebrate mass together. We were also joined by some of the feeder school Headteachers which made it a real community event.

During the mass we all joined in with the prayers and hymns and took a leading role in writing a bidding prayer each. Each form had been given a theme for each prayer and then read it out before the Offertory.

After this, form representatives brought their form shields out to the front of the hall. Each student had decorated a small shield that showed something about themselves had decorated the large shield with them. They each read out their form motto and a short explanation of what the shield said about them.

The last thing that came as a bit of a surprise was when our Head of Year Mrs Wilkinson asked us to stand up and recite the poem Invictus, William Ernest Henley to our parents. They must have liked it since we were given a round of applause by them all. Mr Wilkinson then finished by saying how well the year 7’s were all doing and that it looked like we were going to be a good year group.

All in all it was great celebration.

Thomas – 7C1